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Center for Global Cardiovascular Health Goals

What will it take to get us from where we are now to a world where ideal cardiovascular health and health care are normative?

This fundamental question drives the Center’s vision and collective actions. This global problem requires a global, comprehensive and cohesive solution that spans the entire spectrum of prevention to reach every person on the planet. The United Nations has set a goal of reducing the risk of premature death from chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases by one-third by 2030, and the Center’s activities outlined below provide a roadmap to achieve this goal and ultimately end cardiovascular diseases.

  • Achieve tobacco endgame where less than 5 percent of the world’s population uses tobacco.
  • Improve the healthfulness and sustainability of the global food supply.
  • Develop, test, implement and scale novel strategies for global CVD prevention and control, including medicines that simplify care, support from non-physician health workers and technology-based surveillance and interventions.
  • Create training and knowledge networks for world-class cardiovascular care anywhere in the world by leveraging resources and expertise from both Northwestern University and Northwestern Medicine.  
  • Learn, develop, test and implement new scalable research methods, diagnostics for rapid phenotyping and interventions through collaborative breakthrough research with a broad range of scientists, including faculty, trainees and staff at the Northwestern University and its partners.
  • Improve the quality and safety of cardiovascular care in low- and middle-income countries through research and training in implementation science, health systems strengthening and health policy.
  • Train the next generation of global cardiovascular scientists, practitioners, administrators, policymakers and leaders from the United States and abroad.

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