Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Global Health

Application Deadlines

FSM students must meet the specific application deadlines set by FSM partner institutions when applying for an elective rotation and/or research project at an affiliated international site.

Important Deadlines

M3s/M4s: All FSM partner institutions require that visiting student applications be received a minimum of six (6) months in advance of the proposed start date of the a visiting rotation and/or research project. FSM students may review the complete list of affiliated FSM partner institutions by clicking here. FSM partner institutions that require more than six months lead-time in order to consider a visiting student’s application are:

Please visit each institution’s page on the Center for Global Health’s website to review their specific application requirements. Late applicants cannot be guaranteed visiting rotations and/or research projects at FSM partner institutions when applications are received with less than six months advance notice. No visiting student applications from FSM students will be considered when received by the Center for Global Health and the partner institution with three months or less advance notice prior to the proposed start date of the requested rotation and/or research project. This policy is set due to the preparation process required of FSM students engaging in a global health experience at an international site, which includes submission of the CGH and visiting student applications, participation in the required pre-departure orientation process, a request for funding, among other logistical steps.

High demand partners that will require participation in lottery: