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IHF: How to Apply

The International Health Fellowship Program provides support to FSM students who wish to conduct international research projects. Medical students in their first, third, and fourth year at Feinberg are eligible for stipends to support the investigation of medical issues, public health systems and health policy, and/or health care delivery methods at an international site. The goal of the program is to gain a deeper understanding of how public health and socio-economic factors influence health care systems and to promote scholarship among medical students in the field of global health.  The International Health Fellowship is a unique funding opportunity for FSM students in that it has no geographical or institutional restrictions once a research proposal is accepted.


  1. M1, M3 & M4 students who are in good academic standing. Long-term research projects will not receive special consideration over the standard 4-8 week long projects. Students need to apply at least six months in advance of the proposed start date of the project to ensure time for IRB review
  2. Must be available to conduct 4-8 weeks on-site research
  3. M1 students must complete fellowship research by the end of their M1 summer
  4. M4 students must complete fellowship research before graduation
  5. All fellowship recipients must present their research at Center for Global Health
  6. All applicants must identify an FSM based advisor and an on-site advisor in their research proposal and obtain IRB approval as needed

The IHF award is contingent upon each student's satisfactory participation in FSM's required pre-departure preparation and evaluation process developed by the Center for GlobalHealth.  The full process is outlined CGH's pre-departure preparation page, but it includes three in-person meetings/seminars, an online orientation tool, registration for travel insurance, and submission of the FSM travel waiver and personal health form.  Failure to actively participate in and complete the pre-departure preparation process can result in revocation of the award.

  1. Preliminary Literature Review: A minimum of seven to ten academic articles, books, or other sources that will shape your research.  No analysis of the materials is necessary.
  2. Research Plan: Includes your primary research question(s), abstract, background and relevance of the research topic you have chosen, feasibility, and facilities and resources. Please address the limitations and the potential impact of the study. (Max 1000 words)
  3. Methodology:  Study population, design, & methods.    (Max 500 words)
  4. Timeline:  A general timeline which highlights the development of the study and protocol, data collection, data analysis, with deadlines for deliverables (i.e. paper and presentation) from project start date to its completion.  The timeline should focus on general time frames such as weeks and months, not days, and it need not be longer than one page.
  5. Preliminary budget: General estimates for flights, housing, immunizations / visas, local transportation expenses, supplies, and program fees if any apply.  General approximations are appropriate.
  6. The name, title, department and contact info. (email and phone) of the FSM faculty member who is advising this project. (REQUIRED)
  7. The name, title, department and contact info. (email, phone, and website) of the international contact who is collaborating with you on this project if available.  The international advisor is not required to submit part I of the application.
  8. A copy of your CV in PDF format 


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  One to two awards will be made per year.

Maximum award: $2,750

How to Apply:

The preliminary proposal may take several weeks to prepare, depending on the project.   Once the materials listed below are prepared, the online application for the preliminary proposal should take approximately ten minutes to complete.  Applicants should have final drafts of their project proposal written before beginning the application.  Applicants should save them as word documents and convert them to PDF documents in order to upload the files.  You will not be able to save your application once you begin.

Sample IHF Proposal:

FSM students may review a sample proposal.

Sponsored Travel for FSM Students:

Review the Center for Global Health's sponsored travel form.

Identifying FSM Mentors:

FSM students should consult NU's Global Health Portal, which contains a faculty directory, as well as Feinberg's Faculty Profile Directory.


Part I: Preliminary Proposal
Part II: Final Proposal and Supporting Documents


Rolling applicaitons will be considered but initial proposal should be submitted at least six months in advance of the proposed research start date (and preferably earlier) to allow for IRB review.

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