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Poster Session Archive

 Posters presented both virtually and in-person at past Global Health Education Day events will remain publicly available, and you are welcome to view all poster and abstract submissions below.


Poster Archive - Global Health Education Day 2021

On June 4th, 2021, we hosted our 2nd annual Global Health Education Day event, which took place virtually. All posters were presented in two separate breakout rooms, of which recordings are available below. Congratulations to our winners and to those who received honorable mentions.

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Room 1

(1) Joshua Weissman
(2) Rebecca Dworkin - (Winner - Best Poster)
(3) Alexandra Tarzikhan - (Honorable Mention)
(4) Roxanna Garcia - (Honorable Mention)
(5) Caitlin Visek
(6) Stanley Guillaume
(7) George Ross Malik
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Room 2

(13) Ryan Lee - (Winner - Best Poster)
(8) Susan Folsom
(9) Jordan Sharlin
(10) Alison Murray
(12) Chris Miller
(14) Oluwateniola Brown - (Honorable Mention)
(11) Oanh Truong

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