Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Global Health

McGaw Global Health Clinical Scholars Program

Our program offers Northwestern University’s McGaw Graduate Medical trainees (residents and fellows) a competency-based global health certificate program to provide them with training in clinical care delivery in resource-limited settings worldwide.

The McGaw Global Health Clinical Scholars Program is a two-year certificate program, eligible trainees must complete the following curricular components.

  1. Ten of twelve core lectures
  2. Five of six specialty lectures
  3. Participation in a professional development and journal club
  4. Web-based training modules (part of the above required lectures)
  5. Simulation training
  6. Development of cross residency skills exchange
  7. Global health field experience*
  8. Production and presentation of a scholarly project*
*Trainees and mentors are to follow the requirements outlined in the mentor-mentee contract

These curricular components were created to meet the following global health competencies:

  1. Describe the global burden of disease and demonstrate understanding of epidemiologic tools and methods
  2. Understand the health implications of travel, migration, and trade
  3. Recognize the major determinants of health
  4. Explain the role of community-engagement strategies in capacity strengthening
  5. Demonstrate high standards of ethical conduct and quality in global healthcare
  6. Provide culturally sensitive care and support to patients
  7. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the relationship between health and human rights
  8. Develop global health-focused scholarly work

The program components and competencies are based on recommendations by global health educators that fulfill ACGME competencies.

Program Objectives

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Application deadlines are finalized in the Fall for a Winter deadline.
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