Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Global Health

Hillside Health Care International (HHCI) - Belize


Disease Spectrum

Malaria, HTN, Diabetes, Asthma, URI infections, PNA, Diarrhea, Skin Infections ( dermatidities, scabies, lice, impetigo). Leishmaniasis, scorpion bites and machete injuries are seen less frequently.

Vector Control Program

Clinical Responsibilities

  1. Oversight of medical care delivered during all of Hillside’s clinical activities including mobile clinics and the home visit program.
  2. Precepting medical/physician assistant students and medical residents during patient encounters for all Hillside clinical activities. Responsible for all care delivered by the same.
  3. Facilitating the medical education of Hillside medical/physician assistant students and residents through patient encounters, talks, case presentations, community health program, etc.
  4. Ensuring that student and resident participants adhere to established clinical policies including documentation guidelines.
  5. Completion of Hillside elective participant evaluations.
  6. Facilitate excellent communication between students, staff, administration, and the Ministry of Health.
  7. Presenting or helping to present on certain health related topics included in the rotation curriculum of Hillside. Community health project supervision is also encouraged

Recommended Global Health Curriculum

For all international rotations, please review our online Global Health Curriculum page.


Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Subspecialists in medicine and allied health professionals.

Length of Rotation

Four to six weeks


Additional Resources

First, Do No Harm: A Qualitative Research Documentary from Tim Holland on Vimeo.

The Section of Global Health in the Division of Hospital Medicine is launching this program and supports interested faculty. Please feel free to email Dr. Asmamaw Sisay Yigeremu for available dates.