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Centro Medico Humberto Parra

Centro Medico Humberto Parra is a community medical clinic located in the rain forest in eastern Bolivia, 72 miles outside of Santa Cruz, the largest city in the country. The partnership is administered by Feinberg's Center for Global Health. 

Volunteers associated with Feinberg School of Medicine (FSM) may apply to offer their services for a two week or longer rotation at the outpatient clinic located in Palacios, Bolivia, about 90 kilometers from Santa Cruz. Participants may join in with students and residents, who are serving on four week rotations and exposed to an environment that lacks the technical advances they may be accustomed to in the US and will develop skills and knowledge on infectious diseases not generally encountered in the US. Rotations may also be made at the municipal hospital and another nearby clinic in Santa Cruz. A high level of Spanish fluency is required. Palacios is a rural community located 90 kilometers east of Santa Cruz, the largest city in Bolivia. The free clinic serves an area of approximately 40,000 people and has two regular examination rooms, an infirmary/treatment room, one classroom, dental suite, lab, and ophthalmology room. The clinic is staffed by two full-time nurses, one clinical director, and a lab technician, as well as rotating doctors, specialists, and dentists. The case load at the clinic varies and can include some urgent care, chronic disease management, treatment for tropical diseases, and case referrals. In the past, students have engaged in wide variety of public health research projects and have participated in health outreach trips in the surrounding area.

For more information on this partnership, see the Centro Medico Humberto Parra page in the Education section or visit this affiliate's Volunteer page.

Quick Facts

When:  12 months per year, depending on host clinic schedule of visiting clinicians

Where:Centro Medico Humberto Parra in Palacios, Bolivia

Affiliated Faculty: Mark Molitch, MD