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Strengthening Guinea-Mali Collaborative Training and Research Network for a Better Control of Emerging Viral Diseases

The last Ebola epidemic originated from Guinea, expanded to the neighboring countries and led to one of the most challenging public health crisis of history. World Health Organization reported that it took nearly three months for Guinea health officials and their international partners to identify the Ebola virus as the causative agent. By that time, the virus was firmly entrenched and spread was primed to explode.

This program is a sub-regional effort between Guinea and Mali to have scientists from both sides collaborate more closely on these cross-border diseases for more coordinated and efficient public health responses. This planning grant will develop a research training program on emerging viral diseases to address the needs in Guinea, where the last Ebola epidemic originated, in collaboration with NIAID-University of Bamako research centers in Mali, Northwestern University and Johns Hopkins University. This planning of training program will develop a curriculum for training doctoral and master degrees as well as non-degree certifications (professional skill enhancement), which will prepare Guinea to better handle potential future epidemics.

The planning process for the training grant will address three fundamental questions:

  • What types of clinical research and health service research are needed in Guinea to support an effective prevention and control of emerging viral diseases?
  • Who should be targeted, and what kind of trainings are needed to conduct cutting-edge clinical and health service researches related to emerging viral diseases?
  • How should a training program be organized regarding length, number of participants, venue, facilitators etc. to improve the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct clinical research or health service research related to EVD?


  • Grant Number: D71TW010428
  • MPIs: Bassirou Diarra-Mali and Abdoul Habib. Beavogui-Guinea
  • Northwestern co-investigators: R. Murphy and M. Maiga

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