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Fogarty Global Health Training Program

The Fogarty Global Health Training Program offers opportunities in global health research training for pre- and post-doctoral candidates from the U.S. and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs), sponsored by the Fogarty International Center (FIC) and several collaborating Institutes and Centers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The purpose of the program is to generate a new cadre of global health researchers, educators, and professionals who will be prepared to address the new challenges in global health. The program will provide fellows with a one year mentored clinical research fellowship in innovative global health research to promote health equity for populations around the world.

The Program brings together leading academic research institutions with longstanding relationships in LMICs throughout Africa and Asia in a variety of disciplines and with multidisciplinary research capacities. The four U.S. academic research institutions that will anchor our consortium are:


General Requirements

Trainees must meet ALL of the following requirements in their respective category:

Pre-doctoral Trainees

Post-doctoral trainees

Application Deadline:

The deadline is December 1, 2018 to to apply for the 2019-2020 cycle. For more information regarding the international sites and the application, please visit the offical website for the Forgarty Global Health Training Program on Harvard University's website. 

Application Materials:

  1. Statement of career goals and plans
    *Please state why you are interested in an international mentored research training experience. In addition, please describe how your career goals relate to global health and how this program will contribute to your professional advancement (Do not exceed 800 words).
  2. Research Plan
    *Please describe your proposed research project. Include details on your mentorship plan for your fellowship year (Do not exceed 1000 words).
  3. IRB & Ethics Approvals Plan
    *Please describe your timeline for applying for Institutional Review Board and ethics approvals. This should include both the U.S. and international collaborating institution / national IRBs (Do not exceed 500 words).
  4. Additional Funding (if applicable)
    *Please describe any additional sources of funding that you have available for your project / fellowship, or that you are applying for. This may include T32, D43 or MEPI grant support, secondary fellowships, K‐ award, etc. If none, please list N.A. (Do not exceed 300 words)
  5. Fellowship Timeline and Plan
    *Please state what you intend to accomplish within the 12‐month timeframe, the feasibility of the study within the available budget and timeline, and the next steps to advance your research (Do not exceed 500 words).
  6. NIHstyle Biosketch
  7. Transcripts (doctoral and professional students only)
    Doctoral and professional student applicants must provide a copy of their most recent transcript. Non‐ official transcripts are allowed (Post‐doctoral applicants do not need to include a transcript). Please upload a scan of your transcript in PDF format.
  8. Letter of Support


To submit an inquiry to the Center for Global Health, please contact:
Kate Klein, MPH, MA or Mark Huffman, MD, MPH