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Learn more about the work we do at the Center for Global Communicable & Emerging Infectious Diseases through a selection of our members' publications.


Phylodynamics and Molecular Epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in Nigeria

"Multiple expansions of globally uncommon SARS-CoV-2 lineages in Nigeria." Ozer, E.A., Simons, L.M., Adewumi, O.M. et al. Nat Commun (2022).

COVID-19 Outbreak: Seroprevalence Study of Health Care Workers in Mali

"High SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence among Healthcare Workers in Bamako, Mali." Somboro AM, Cissoko Y, Camara I, Kodio O, Tolofoudie M, Dembele E, Togo ACG, Ba DM, Sarro YDS, Baya B, Samake S, Diallo IB, Kumar A, Traore M, Kone B, Kone A, Diarra B, Dabitao DK, Wague M, Dabo G, Doumbia S, Holl JL, Murphy RL, Diallo S, Maiga AI, Maiga M, Dao S. Viruses (2022).

Clinical evaluation of DASH for SARS-CoV-2 infection

"The Clinical Review Committee: Impact of the Development of In Vitro Diagnostic Tests for SARS-CoV-2 Within RADx Tech." Robinson M, Gaydos C, Van Der Pol B, McFall S, Hsieh YH, Clarke W, Murphy RL, Widdice LE, Hirschhorn LR, Rothman R, Achenbach C, Hawkins C, Samuta A, Gibson L, McManus D, Manabe YC. IEEE Open J Eng Med Biol (2021).


"Modeling robust COVID-19 intensive care unit occupancy thresholds for imposing mitigation to prevent exceeding capacities." Runge M., Richardson R.A.K., Clay P., Eagan A., Holden T.M., Singam M., Tsuboyama N., Arevalo P., Fornoff J., Patrick S., Ezike N.O., Gerardin J. PLOS Global Public Health (in press 2022).

"Structural racism and COVID-19 response: Higher risk of exposure drives disparate COVID-19 deaths among Black and Hispanic/Latinx residents of Illinois, USA." Holden T.M., Simon M.A., Arnold D.T., Halloway V, Gerardin J. BMC Public Health (2022).

"Geographic and demographic heterogeneity of SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic testing in Illinois, USA, March to December 2020." Holden T.M.*, Richardson R.A.K.*, Arevalo P., Duffus W.A., Runge M., Whitney E., Wise L., Ezike N.O., Patrick S., Cobey S., Gerardin J. BMC Public Health (2021).

"Mobility network modeling explains higher SARS-CoV-2 infection rates among disadvantaged groups and informs reopening strategies." Chang S.Y.*, Pierson E.*, Koh P.W.*, Gerardin J., Redbird B., Grusky D., Leskovec J. Nature (2021).

"Identifying the measurements required to estimate rates of COVID-19 transmission, infection, and detection, using variational data assimilation." Armstrong E., Runge M., Gerardin J. Infectious Disease Modelling (2021).

"A method to detect and quantify SARS-CoV-2 in nasal exhaled breath." Lane, G.; Zhou, G.; McCarthy, D.; Noto, T.; Yang, Q.; Zelano, C. Chemical Senses (2021).



The Tshilo Dikotla Study: Metabolic Outcomes of Children HIV/ARV-exposed uninfected in Botswana

"Fetal biometry following in-utero exposure to dolutegravir-based or efavirenz-based antiretroviral therapy." Banda FM, Powis KM, Sun S, Makhema J, Masasa G, Yee LM, Jao J. AIDS (2020). 

Intensive Combination Approach to Rollback the Epidemic (iCARE) in Nigerian Adolescents

"Accelerating adolescent HIV research in low-income and middle-income countries: evidence from a research consortium." Tucker JD, Iwelunmor J, Abrams E, Donenberg G, Wilson EC, Blachman-Demner D, Laimon L, Taiwo BO, Kuhns LM, John-Stewart GC, Kohler P, Subramanian S, Ayieko J, Gbaja-Biamila T, Oladele D, Obiezu-Umeh C, Chima KP, Jalil EM, Falcao J, Ezechi OC, Kapogiannis BG. AIDS (2021). 


Learn more about Malaria and COVID-19 modeling at Northwestern led by Jaline Gerardin, PhD.

High-burden settings

"Socioeconomic, demographic and environmental factors inform intervention prioritization in urban Nigeria." Chiziba C., Diallo O., Bertozzi-Villa A., Weiss D., Mercer L., Gerardin J., Ozodiegwu I.D. medRxiv (2022).

​Intervention mixes for control and elimination

Modeling impact and cost‐effectiveness of driving‐Y gene drives for malaria elimination in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Metchanun N., Borgemeister C., Amzati G., von Braun J., Nikolov M., Selvaraj P., Gerardin J. Evolutionary Applications. 15:132–148 (2022).

Drug-based strategies

"Long-term effects of increased adoption of artemisinin combination therapies in Burkina Faso." Zupko R., Nguyen T.D., Some A.F., Tran T.N., Gerardin J., Dudas P., Giang D.D., Wesolowski A., Ouedraogo J.B., Boni M.F. PLoS Global Public Health 2(2): e0000111 (2022).

Infectious reservoir and infection detection

"Investigating the impact of enhanced community case management and monthly screening and treatment on the transmissibility of malaria infections in Burkina Faso: study protocol for a cluster-randomised trial." Collins K.A., Ouedraogo A., Guelbeogo W.M., Awandu S.S., Stone W., Soulama I., Ouattara M., Nombre A., Diarra A., Bradley J., Selvaraj P., Gerardin J., Drakeley C., Bousema T., Tiono A.B. BMJ Open. 9:e030598 (2019).

Model calibration

Seasonality and heterogeneity of malaria transmission determine success of interventions in high-endemic settings: a modeling study. Selvaraj P., Wenger E.A., and Gerardin J. BMC Infectious Diseases 18(1):413 (2018).

Model development

"Implementation and applications of the EMOD individual-based disease modeling platform: software design and development processes to enable multi-scale modeling." Bershteyn A., Gerardin J., Bridenbecker D., Lorton C., et al. on behalf of the Institute for Disease Modeling. Pathogens and Disease 76(5) (2018).

Perspectives and reviews

Mechanistic within-host models of the asexual Plasmodium falciparum infection: a review and analytical assessment. Camponovo F., Lee, T.E., Russell, J.R., Burgert L., Gerardin J., and Penny M.A. Malaria Journal 20:309 (2021).

"Beyond national indicators: adapting the Demographic and Health Surveys’ sampling strategies and questions to better inform subnational malaria intervention policy." Ozodiegwu I.D., Ambrose M., Battle K.E., Bever C.A., Diallo O., Galatas B., Runge M., and Gerardin J. Malaria Journal 20:122 (2021).

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