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Northwestern continues to expand its global health outreach programs to respond to the ever-growing interest of our faculty and alumni in community-based service opportunities and to focus on health equity issues across interdisciplinary fields of healthcare. These outreach programs can be in response to a catastrophic event or connected to our affiliated programs and offer established healthcare professionals associated with Northwestern opportunities to contribute and grow in meaningful ways.

Faculty & Alumni Opportunities

Volunteer your clinician and educator skills in unique environments such as Belize, Bolivia or Tanzania.
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Disaster Response

Our list of nonprofit first-responders, while not exhaustive, represents reputable organizations responding to disasters.
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Access to Health

The Access to Health Project is an interdisciplinary health and human rights project in which students and faculty from Northwestern Law School's Center for International Human Rights, the Program in Public Health, the Kellogg School of Management, the Feinberg School of Medicine and our institute work in consultation with marginalized communities across the globe. We work to assess the health needs of the community and design a targeted, sustainable approach. Our efforts include working with rural communities in the Mopti region of Mali to address female genital cutting, with urban communities in Nigeria on health rights and with medical providers in the Dominican Republic to increase communication. The project was co-founded by Juliet Sorensen of the law school and Shannon Galvin, MD, of the medical school.

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