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Asociación Civil Impacta Salud y Educación (IMPACTA) - Lima, Peru

Asociación Civil Impacta Salud y Educación (IMPACTA) conducts clinical research on HIV/AIDS in Peru in addition to providing treatment to its patients and outreach in the local community. IMPACTA is engaged in many community development and health education projects with a goal to make positive impacts on the health of the general population, to inform and educate communities on prevention and risk behavior, and to promote attitudes of respect, tolerance, non-discrimination, and solidarity for those persons infected with HIV/AIDS. IMPACTA incorporates research, treatment, community development and health education into an integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of HIV as well as other infectious diseases.

IMPACTA also collaborates and contributes to clinical trials conducted by the AIDS Clinical Trails Group (ACTG), which was initially established in 1987 to broaden the scope of the AIDS research effort on an international scale.  It is also one of the clinical research sites affiliated with the South American Program in HIV Prevention Research, which is a year-long training program for U.S. medical students and residents.  Trainees apply for this competitive fellowship and participate in a structured program of didactic education and practical research in one of the major fields of HIV prevention (Behavioral Prevention, Biomedical Prevention, Antiretroviral Therapy, Epidemiology, or Basic/Translational Science).

Length of Rotation: Four weeks

Location: Lima, Peru

Language Requirement: Students must be able be able to communicate proficiently in Spanish, i.e. at least advanced-intermediate proficiency in the language. Being able to take a basic history in Spanish is not sufficient.

Student level: M4s

How to ApplyComplete the Online Application

Rotation Areas: Infectious Disease

Rotation Details:
FSM students visiting IMPACTA will be able to complete an Infectious Disease rotation and learn about HIV/AIDS as well as TB, Typhoid, Hepatitis, etc… IMPACTA works with multiple referral hospitals around Lima including Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo and Hospital Guillermo Almenara, which students may visit. They also work with a district hospital in Iguitos in the rural northeast area of Peru where it is more common to see cases of Yellow Fever among other diseases. A maximum of two FSM students may visit per rotation period.

Helpful Links:
US State Department
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization Country Profile

Students are recommended to stay at youth hostels in the Mira Flores area of Lima, which is a lively tourist district in the capital with many restaurants, stores, cafes, and hotels. It is a short commute by mini-bus to IMPACTA’s clinic and research facility.

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