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The Sackler Faculty of Medicine is Israel's largest institute of higher medical education. Since 1986, the Electives Program has hosted an average of 150 participants per year. The School of Medicine at the Sackler Faculty offers elective training rotations at various Israeli hospitals for clinical medical students who study for MD degrees overseas, with a comprehensive understanding of spoken and written Hebrew or English. Elective studies are designed to grant additional clinical experience and training to qualified students who have already completed their CLINICAL official studies in their requested discipline, in accordance with their university syllabus.

Dates:  Students need to be aware of Israeli National Holidays before applying.  It is not possible to visit for an elective during the High Holidays (Fall), Passover (generally April) or Israel's Independence Day (generally late April or early May).  Review holiday dates here.

Length of Rotation: Four weeks

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Language Requirement: English, Hebrew is helpful

Student level: M4 / Phase III students

How to Apply: Complete the Online Application  Applications are due to TAU at least six months in advance.  FSM students do not need to pay any application fees to TAU.

Rotation Information:Each elective rotation is conducted on an individual basis, 5 days a week, with the participant positioned in one of the hospitals affiliated with the Tel-Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine. Participants take part in routine departmental activities such as supervised rounds, bedside instructions, seminars and conferences. They observe most of the professional activities. However, due to hospital restrictions, practical hands-on training is limited. Theoretical lectures and clinical or basic research are not given as part of this program. Department work is carried out in Hebrew. The patient files and reports are in Hebrew. Lab reports and recipes are usually in English. The hospital staff will attempt to assist students with non-English-speaking patients whenever possible

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Accommodations:  Dorms are provided whenever possible during the applicant’s elective period. It is sometimes not at the student's hospital campus, so, transportation is needed. These are simple accommodations, and usually house two residents per room. Kitchen is shared with other residents. Bed linens are supplied, but applicants may require their own toiletries and towels.  Approximate housing expenses are approximately $125-135 per week.  Housing in the TAU dormitory is not gauranteed. Housing rates may be altered due to changes in cost.

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