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Universidad San Sebastian - Concepcion, Chile

Universidad San Sebastián (USS) was founded in Concepcion in 1989. After two decades of steady growth, USS remains as an innovative educational model, where the main focus is on the student and his or her integral training. Career professors, support plans for gifted students and cutting-edge equipment, suited to today’s demands, are the pillars of the academic activities of the Sebastian community.  With 21,572 students at its Santiago, Concepción, Valdivia, Osorno and Puerto Montt campuses, 13 schools and 34 careers, Universidad San Sebastián offers degrees in Architecture, Education, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Business, Engineering, Medicine & Biosciences, Nursing, and Dentistry.  The School of Health hosts degrees in Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy among others.  Learn more about Universidad San Sebastián on their website and about their Physical Therapy program.

Rotation Details: This clinical education opportunity will focus on providing physical therapy services for adult and pediatric patients with pulmonary and cardiovascular conditions in the hospital, ambulatory clinic, and home settings.  Student objectives for this clinical experience include: recognizing patient metabolic and hemodynamic states; monitoring ventilator/mechanical breathing; ventilator weaning; recognizing pharmacology implications with respiratory insufficiency; performing thoracic physical exams including palpation, percussion, and auscultation; performing specific evaluations including pulmonary tests, cardiopulmonary tests, deglutition (swallowing) assessments; and critically analyzing current literature in the content area.  Students will have supervised experience in theory and practice in these pulmonary and cardiovascular areas with pediatric/Infant pulmonary rehabilitation, critical care patients, and patients with chronic diseases.  The opportunity is a 6-week experience and also includes extensive time in the classroom setting.  All students must be proficient in their Spanish communication (verbal and written). 

Length of Rotation: 6-8 weeks

Location: Concepcion, Chile

Language Requirement: At minimum intermediate proficiency in Spanish

Student Eligibility: FSM DPT students

How to Apply: Instructions

FSM Student Evaluations (availalbe only with NU Net ID)

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