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Universidad Panamericana – Mexico City, Mexico

Universidad Panamericana (UP) is a private Catholic university located in Mexico City with schools of business and economics, engineering, humanities, law and health sciences. The medical school is affiliated with a number of major hospitals in Mexico City, including Dalinde Hospital, Médica Sur Hospital and American British Cowdray Medical Center (Hospital ABC), where Feinberg students typically rotate in the Department of Internal Medicine (last two hospital ranked in the top-2 best private hospitals in Mexico). The curriculum is conducted in Spanish, and the medical education exchange allows fourth- and first-year medical students to visit. UP offers home stays to visiting medical students, and there is also on opportunity to visit for one-week or two-week various social service placements at public primary care clinics that work with underserved populations in and around Mexico City.

  • Dates: Various
  • Length of rotation: Four to eight weeks
  • Location: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Language requirement: Spanish
  • Student level: M1s and M4s
  • How to apply: Complete the online application
  • Rotation areas: Internal Medicine, Emergency and General Surgery

Medical Education Exchange

Students may complete rotations in internal medicine at Centro Medico Dalinde, Hospital Médica Sur and Centro Médico ABC. A typical day will begin at 7 a.m. with a commute via the metrobus to UP, where weekly conferences and classes begin at 7:30 a.m. and last until 9 a.m., after which students round at the hospital under the supervision of attending physicians. Students may also take advantage of the opportunity to visit various social service clinics in and around Mexico City, where medical students from UP complete a mandatory year of public service as interns. In prior years, Feinberg students have visited Clínica Guadalupe Mazahua at San José Toxi (Estado de México) as well as Clinica del CC Santa Fe and CC MAPFRE-UP, one of the very underserved areas of Mexico City. A moderate to high level of Spanish fluency is required, and it is recommended that students study medical Spanish vocabulary before they travel. Most doctors but not patients will speak English.

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Accommodations & Language Instruction

Students generally stay with host families who have long-standing relationships with UP. The accommodations vary, but previous students have had excellent experiences practicing their Spanish language skills with host families who are generally very accommodating of foreign students' needs and questions. Also, they can get their own accommodation near the hospital headquarters, since previously family accommodation was located near the university but not the hospitals. Two meals a day are included in fees. Internet is generally not available at home, but students use internet cafes without any problem. The cost for a single room with a host family plus meals is approximately $400-$500 per month; students pay UP directly upon arrival. This is in addition to tuition administrative fees of approximately $250 paid to UP per rotation. Depending on the time of year, UP may also offer two to four hours per week of Spanish language classes at an additional expense. Students must take a placement exam upon arrival.


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