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Student Advisory Committee


Students in the Feinberg School of Medicine program are invited to participate in the Student Advisory Committee on Global Health (SACGH). Through this committee, students have the unique opportunity to work alongside institute leaders to help shape the vision and direction of global health education at Northwestern. Committee members will also have the opportunity to network with peers and develop connections across classes with other student leaders interested in global health.

The committee consists of students members from all class years and programs. Members should have significant past experience or understanding of global health and be in good academic standing.


  • Provide recommendations and a student voice to the institute regarding medical school policy, strategy, community-building activities and program development.
  • Develop and plan student-focused global health events such as World AIDS Day and Global Health Day.
  • Increase the visibility of global health–related work at Northwestern, help attract and contribute new resources and sustain a long-term commitment to global health at the medical school.
  • Participate in institute information sessions and other recruitment events, such as Second Look.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other student organizations with similar global health activities and interests.
  • Learn leadership and teamwork skills.


  • M1s and M2s: Due to their schedules, these students are expected to take on the lion's share of the responsibility for planning special events and taking the lead on new initiatives. The time commitment is one to two hours per month.
  • M3s and M4s: These students are strongly encouraged to take on advisory roles. Due to the time commitment required for clinical rotations, they are not expected to attend all meetings or take the lead on events, but they are asked to contribute their opinions and perspectives. M3s and M4s are expected to respond to committee communications and collaborate on online documents in a timely fashion. The time commitment is one hour per month.
  • Committee Chair: The committee chair is traditionally held by an M1 who shows particular dedication to and past experience in the field of global health. The committee chair is expected to take the lead in scheduling regular meetings and maintaining the committee's annual calendar and should communicate and collaborate well with peers. The chair will work closely with institute leadership on major projects and should expect to devote two to three hours per month to committee activities.  Chair transition occurs by mid-February to allow incoming M1 members more time to learn about Northwestern and the committee's role.

For More Information

If you are a Feinberg School of Medicine student that would like to learn more about the Student Advisory Committee on Global Health, please send an email with your name, program, program year, and any additional questions to, and we will direct your inquiry to the SACGH leadership.

Please note that applications for new membership are reviewed in October of each year.

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