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Hillside Health Care International in Belize

Hillside Healthcare International has a clinic located in Eldridgeville (in the Toledo district near the town of Punta Gorda) where families from the surrounding areas can receive free, comprehensive primary care. This is a faith based-mission.

This opportunity lasts four to six weeks and is intended for internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics subspecialists in medicine and allied health professionals.

Clinic Setup

  • There are two medical teams. Each day, one team staffs the local clinic and the other staffs the mobile clinics. (Of note mobile sites are assigned to us via the Ministry of Health which identifies areas of need) and you will be asked to participate in overnight clinics
  • Two FT family physicians there for the next 2 years
  • Pharmacy facilities and PT with students and mentors
  • Can see up to 30 patients in the clinic, usually about 20
  • 10-11 students (med/PA/pharm) to be supervised
  • Five miles from PG Hospital, where you can get basic medical services
  • No ICU rotations or call schedule
  • Disease spectrum: Malaria, HTN, diabetes, asthma, URI infections, PNA, diarrhea, skin infections (dermatidities, scabies, lice, impetigo); Leishmaniasis, scorpion bites and machete injuries are seen less frequently
  • Vector Control Program

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Oversight of medical care delivered during all of Hillside’s clinical activities, including mobile clinics and the home visit program
  • Precepting medical/physician assistant students and medical residents during patient encounters for all Hillside clinical activities; responsible for all care delivered by the same
  • Facilitating the medical education of Hillside medical/physician assistant students and residents through patient encounters, talks, case presentations, community health program
  • Ensuring that student and resident participants adhere to established clinical policies, including documentation guidelines
  • Completion of Hillside elective participant evaluations
  • Facilitate excellent communication between students, staff, administration and the Ministry of Health
  • Presenting or helping to present on certain health related topics included in the rotation curriculum of Hillside.; community health project supervision is also encouraged

Contact Us

Contact Asmamaw Sisay Yigeremu, MD, medical director at Hillside Health Care International, if you are interested in scheduling a rotation. Feel free to contact Ashti Doobay-Persaud, MD, at Northwestern with any further questions and be sure to review the resources below.

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