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Age-friendly Primary Health Care for Older Adults: Selecting and Co-designing Priority Interventions for facilities in Lagos, Nigeria

As the older population rapidly grows, many developing countries, including Nigeria, may not have the resources to make the world more age-friendly, and more urgently in the health sector to achieve healthy aging. This study builds on existing data done to map gaps in PHC capacity and knowledge of healthcare workers in the care and delivery of effective people-centered PHC for older people in Lagos State. Firstly, we will capture priority interventions from older people (over 60 years) in Lagos State, followed by a selection and co-design process to collaboratively identify potential, feasible interventions for strengthening PHC facilities and care. Finally, we will operationalize the intervention in collaboration with one PHC and the PHC managers; and do early feasibility testing. The results will be used to develop larger funding proposals for broader testing of the intervention to improve age-friendly PHCs in Lagos State.  

Dr. Adedoyin Ogunyemi's visit 

Meet the PI


Dr. Adedoyin O Ogunyemi
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Community Health and Primary Care

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