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Hypertension Control in Mali

Evaluating Capacity, Site Readiness & Capacity for Implementation of a Multi-Level Hypertension Control Program in Bamako, Mali

Hypertension is a major public health problem due to its high prevalence and major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. In Mali, cardiologists are only available in tertiary hospitals in larger cities, with most diagnosed cases being monitored by primary care physicians. This pilot study aims to characterize and compare hypertension service availability, readiness, diagnosis, treatment, and control rates in two different healthcare settings in Mali. This project will build upon the successful collaboration with the University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies (USTTB) and serve as the foundation for a new promising collaboration with cardiologists at USTTB.

Meet the PI

Dr. MaigaMamoudou Maiga, MD, PhD
Research Associate Professor of McCormick School of Engineering and Preventive Medicine (Cancer Epidemiology & Prevention)

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