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Point of Care Ultrasound for Detection of Pneumonia at Hillside Healthcare International Clinic

Hillside Healthcare International Clinic is a non-profit organization that provides free medical care, home care, physical therapy and pharmacy services to the Toledo District in Southern Belize. Respiratory illnesses are one of the most common presenting concerns at Hillside. Diagnostic capabilities are limited in the region, particularly in the setting of infection. The aim of this project is to provide a point-of-care ultrasound device to improve diagnosis of bacterial pneumonias in need of antibiotics. The curriculum involves two physicians trained in ultrasound leading a 5-day workshop including didactics and hands-on training on the use of a Butterfly iQ+ ultrasound device. A successful training curriculum based on pneumonia can lead to subsequent education for other uses, such as echocardiogram, abdominal and extremity ultrasound. 

Hillside Health Care International in Belize

Meet the PI

Dr. MulyeAnita Mulye, MD
Instructor of Medicine (Hospital Medicine)






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