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Promoting Eye Health among children and adults through Community Health Workers using a smartphone application: A Pilot Project in Dandora, Kenya

Visual impairment is a growing problem in Kenya, and 80% of this is due to preventable causes.   Identifying at-risk patients in the community and screening underserved populations for treatable eye conditions can help bring those at risk of visual impairment into the healthcare system and receive appropriate therapy.  Since primary care and community outreach are the foundation of sustainable care, this projects aims to utilize the primary care system and local Community Health Workers in Dandora, Kenya to screen and engage those with visual impairment with treatment options.  A smartphone application will be used to gather data on visual impairment in children and adults and help bring those with need into the healthcare system. 


Meet the PI

koreishi_anjum_md_20170905_mpp0539_1780975888.jpgAnjum F. Koreishi
MD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology 





Research activities



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